Bowling for Abortion

Little known fact: Sarah also bowls with her pinky out. She’s THAT classy.

Sarah Moglia, vegan misandrist extraordinaire, is raising funds for the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon. Her team, Coup de Twat, is raising money in association with the National Network of Abortion Funds. The NNAF is a pretty fantastic organization, dedicated to helping people control their own bodily choices regardless of their financial situation (or they’re a murderous cult with no regard for the unborn, depending on the political leanings of the person you’re asking). Why is she doing this? I’ll let her tell you:

I’m bowling for abortion access because I believe that every person has the right to decide whether they want to give birth. I’m bowling for abortion access because I think every person deserves the opportunity to shape their own life.
When you support me in the Bowl-a-Thon, you’re not only directly helping someone to access necessary medical care, you’re also giving back the opportunity to pursue their hopes and dreams. You’re ensuring that no one is forced to carry a pregnancy to term because they couldn’t come up with the bus fare to a distant clinic, or because they had the wrong insurance, or were short $100. You’re helping people stay in control of their own lives.

“What’s in it for me,” you’re probably asking (if you’re a total dick like that). If you donate, I personally guarantee that Sarah will dress up as The Dude for the bowl-a-thon,* and that your money will help give people who need abortions financial access to have control over their own bodies and lives. Sarah’s goal is to raise $1,500 – no small feat – and I have full confidence that she will succeed. But in order to do so, Coup de Twat needs your help! Every dollar takes her one step closer to her goal, so if you have the money to spare, please head on over to Sarah’s donation page right now! Donations can range from $1, to ONE BILLION DOLLARS (this may not be true), so if Mark Cuban is reading this: please sling some of that sweet, sweet cash Sarah’s way.

If you’d like to learn more about the NNAF and the phenomenal work they do, you can visit You can also follow Sarah on Twitter to track her fundraising goals (and also because she’s hilarious).

*Disclaimer: Sarah is not aware of this incentive, so results may vary/be non-existent.

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