Wendy Davis Filibuster Live Blog

Hey, everyone! I just got home from work. How about a live-blog of the amazingness that is Wendy Davis? She’s out on the Texas Senate floor, being the voice for the thousands of women whose health Texas legislators want to put in jeopardy.

Here’s a link to where you can watch live.

6:31 PM CST: Wendy is talking about how how places that limit abortions don’t have a lower instances of abortion. They have lower instances of safe abortions.

6:35 PM: I love this gentleman who is asking if Wendy can “re-read  “preferably very slowly” some of the testimony from earlier, because “I was off the floor and I’m a slow learner.” Who is he? I’m not familiar with him.

6:40 PM: Shout-out to the asshole who is claiming she violated a rule by having a back brace put on.

6:42 PM: While we decide whether back braces are against the rules, can someone please tell me who the lovely gentleman I mentioned at 6:35 is? I want to move to his district so I can vote for him.

6:46 PM: This tweet from @MeanRachel is perfection:

6:50 PM: I’m getting nervous, but if this eats up some time, that’s fine I guess.

6:53 PM : Thanks to Ginny, who has informed me that the lovely gentleman at 6:35 is Rodney Ellis from District 13. I will be buying a fruit basket for him, as well as the lovely lady who suggested Wendy was actually required to sit down.

6:57 PM: They’re putting the point of order to the body. Here comes Senator Ellis, who I have dubbed “The Most Baddest of Asses.”

6:59 PM: Rodney Ellis is filibustering (sort of) the point of order.

7:01 PM: “Even if I’m carrying the bill, I would respect that member’s right to use the tool of the filibuster. To kill that bill, to stop that bill, to make a point.” – Rodney Ellis

7:06 PM: “Senator Davis has not leaned on her desk – and you know it!!!”

7:07 PM: Trying to decide who I want to marry harder. Ellis or Zaffirini.

7:07 PM: Zaffirini calls out bullshit gendered language and says since the rule says “he” it doesn’t apply to Davis. <3 <3 <3

7:11 PM: “Put back the face of the body that we work on, on a daily basis. We respect one another. And we’ve lost it. So let’s slow down for a moment.” – Senator John Whitmire

7:13 PM: “I urge you to put this to the greater good test.” – Senator John Whitmire

7:15 PM: Hegar: “I think we all respect Senator Davis.” Unless she needed an abortion. Then fuck her, AMIRITE?

7:20 PM: This has since been edited, but to whoever did this – I salute you! (Hard to read here, so here’s a direct link)

7:24 PM: Point of order is sustained. One more strike… :-/

7:28 PM: Every Democratic Senator: “So wait. Please explain this again. So we can eat up more time. Kthx.

7: 29 PM: Just a reminder, I believe you can still submit your abortion stories here and they will help Senator Davis.

7:32 PM: “Suppose that an unfriendly Senator asks a question that is not germane and Senator Davis politely answers the question. Would she be held responsible for answering a question that is not germane?” Love Zaffirini! Where are these Senators in my area?!

7:34 PM: FINALLY. Back to business.

7:34 PM: Wendy Davis is a much stronger woman than I am. I need a bathroom break…

7:37 PM: This was inevitable. I love the internet.

7:42 PM: Can anyone provide insight on the “germane questions” procedural question? I couldn’t determine whether it would or would not count against her… Kind of confused by the answer.

7:44 PM: I just read on Twitter that Chris Hayes is about to cover the Wendy Davis filibuster on his phenomenal show (on MSNBC). Head on over there for more coverage in addition to the live stream (and my live-blog of course!).

7:46 PM: Wendy Davis brings up ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. This is a first for the Texas Senate.

7:51 PM: I’m having some issues with the live-stream… will be back as soon as it’s fixed.

7:53 PM: “If we’re going to justify the inclusion of a 20-week abortion ban in this bill, it’s important that we answer that question [question of fetal pain].” You go, Wendy Davis! The science is against Republicans on this one – as with most issues.

7:57 PM: Would it be considered “germane” to just Google “abortion” and list EVERY SINGLE SEARCH RESULT?

8:02 PM: Silly Wendy Davis… doesn’t she know that masturbating fetuses feel pain AND pleasure? Like, duh.

8:07 PM: Wendy Davis, I love you. But you just mis-used begs the question. I’ll let it slide because you are doing amazing work.

8:09 PM: The biggest takeaway so far in this whole ordeal (besides all the really badass science) is that most Texas Senators are really fucking smug and annoying. Except Davis, Ellis & Zaffirini.

8:13 PM: Some of the best coverage of #SB5 is coming live from the Capitol, courtesy of @andreagrimes. I’m very jealous that I’m not there with the amazing protestors.

8:18 PM: “I have a stack of articles showing substantial medical evidence.” Every Republican Senator just winced at the word “evidence.”

8:20 PM: As do I, fake Jill Biden. As do I.

8:25 PM: Wendy Davis: “If this were to become law, this would be evidence for proponents who argue this is unconstitutional.”

8:26 PM: “It can be longer of 20 weeks before women realize they are pregnant.” THIS. Have none of you seen the reality shows?! (This is the first and last time I will quote a reality show on this blog. Probably.)

8:28 PM: Wow. The support for Wendy Davis, and ALL women in Texas, is overwhelming. So proud of the activists in my state.

8:34 PM: Senator Davis is explaining why it’s problematic that a doctor must have ACTIVE admitting privileges at a hospital. If a doctor doesn’t regularly practice medicine in a hospital facility, then they aren’t going to have active admitting privileges. To require that they be active removes the ability from too many doctors to perform abortions. Most hospitals don’t have a need to have abortion doctors to have active admitting privileges.

8:35 PM: Senator Davis is now explaining a sad reality of rural Texas: Some doctors may not have a hospital within 30 miles to grant them admitting privileges.

8:38 PM: Totally not relevant, but I *love* Senator Davis’ jacket. Super cute.

8:42 PM: Thank you.

thank you

8:46 PM: “For every woman, her ovulation period is different. There is a reason that fertilization is not the standard that’s used – because doctors have a better understanding of how to judge gestational age than a bunch of Senators from the State of Texas! But we’re going to tell them, by golly!”

8:48 PM: Senator Estes is saying that he objects to reading from papers? Is that true?

8:50 PM: So it’s sounding like, they could vote on whether she could read papers… but that wouldn’t be a strike (unless she continued to read)…. So she could keep talking, but not read anymore?

8:51 PM: Senator Ellis: “Fuck your paper, we have iPads!”

8:52 PM: After being told the spirit of the rule said that iPads/computers would count, Ellis asks, “So what you’re saying is there’s a lot of flexibility in these rules?”

8:53 PM: I am not the biggest Obama fan, and I have to say I’m surprised that he even gave Wendy’s hard work any lip service at all.

8:58 PM: Sarah Moglia brings up an excellent point – just one more example of Republican hypocrisy.

9:01 PM: Look everyone, a link to donate to Wendy Davis’ re-election campaign!

9:02 PM: Back to Wendy!

9:04 PM: Every woman in the state just cringed at the thought of an 18-month pregnancy…

9:06 PM: “Every single one of the pieces of this legislation adds up to a sum. And that sum is one that creates greater, and greater, and greater challenges to every woman in the state of Texas to exercise her constitutional RIGHT to have an abortion. To exercise her constitutional right to the most difficult decision of her life.” And now I’m getting weepy.

9:10 PM: Right as Senator Davis was making them look like assholes, they interrupt her. I would be uncomfortable too if I was on the wrong side of that berating…

9:15 PM: “I wonder what a jury might decide is an irreversible physical impairment that justified a doctor using reasonable medical judgment to avert. What might that be? There’s no guidance in the bill analysis, in the bill itself as to what that might be.

9:20 PM: I’m reading on Twitter that over 10,000 people have sent in notes to Wendy Davis in support. Trying to find stats/articles to back this up, but if true – that should speak to the people’s voice on this matter.

9:22 PM: My computer is tweaking out. I’m going to restart it.

9:36 PM: Turned the feed back on, and the mics are muted and a discussion is taking place at the bench. Somebody clue me in? [Edit: Commenter Ania explains: “Senator Campbell asked if discussing the sonogram bill is germane to this topic. Sen Davis said that it was because it showed how they would pile together to form unreasonable hardship”]

9:39 PM: This is why I don’t read YouTube comments. Just read a comment on the Wendy Davis livestream that said, “the right can’t tell the difference between clumps of cells and millions of jewish people.” I can’t even tell whose side you’re on, much less the point you’re trying to make!

9:43 PM: This discussion is going on a little longer than I’m comfortable with, but I’m glad Senator Davis is getting a break. In the meantime, here’s a video compilation of cats hugging.

9:50 PM: Lauren Rankin basically echoes my concerns:

9:53 PM: No matter what happens, I’m proud to say that I voted for Wendy Davis in this last election. Her name would look pretty great on a ticket with Hillary…

10:00 PM: Two more hours, assuming this point of order is not sustained.

10:02 PM: I was trying to transcribe this quote earlier, but missed a bunch of it because I was editing another quote. I’m glad that Forward Progressives got it for me.

10:04 PM: The 3rd point of order was acknowledged… This cannot be good.

10:06 PM: The crowd is going wild. There is so much passion, so much justified anger in the room. Just heard an activist yell “BULLSHIT.” Indeed, fellow woman.

10:10 PM: Senator Kirk Watson (District 14) just sought to overrule the chair. We aren’t done yet.

10:14 PM: Senator Leticia Van De Putte came from her father’s funeral to stand with Wendy Davis. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how fucking important this issue is, you’re never going to get it.

10:19 PM: I’m getting so choked up listening to Senators stand up for Wendy. Listening to them try every rule in the book to keep this filibuster going. But most of all, I’m getting really emotional listening to these protesters. You can hear those who are outside the Capitol building.

10:23 PM: Another reason not to read YouTube comments: “FUCK TEXAS HARD WITHOUT LUBE.”  I don’t think you get it, buddy.

10:25 PM: There are almost 100,000 people watching the live stream.


10:40 PM: Sorry for the brief break, guys. The beaded shirt I was wearing started chafing my arms. This seemed like the most appropriate shirt to switch into.


10:43 PM: I just ran out of beer. This could get ugly depending on which direction this takes.

10:52 PM: Probably just going to be re-posting a few things from Twitter until something happens. I’m glad this politicking (literally) is at least eating up some time.

11:00 PM: One more hour to go. My cat is totally “pussying” out on me. #NotAGenderedSlur #PossiblyACatSlur

11:04 PM: An important reminder from Think Progressive.

11:06 PM: VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE. Found another beer hidden in my fridge.

11:07 PM: We’re back. Let’s see what our lovely chair has to say…

11:09 PM: “Y’all were talking for so damn long, we forgot what was up.” – Zaffirini, speaking for the rest of us

11:14 PM: The chair is starting to get really pissed at Zaffirini.

11:17 PM: “We should not be ending this important debate on a motion to table when there’s that much gray.” I heard this as, “Can we give women’s rights the respect they deserve and not end this shit on a technicality?”

11:23 PM: Senator Watson is doing a great job of explaining exactly how a SONOGRAM bill is “germane” to an ABORTION bill. Because that is a thing that needs explaining in 2013.

11:27 PM: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to end the filibuster without a vote of the body.” – Senator Watson.

Thank you! This bill has the potential to take away the rights of millions of women without a direct vote. We can’t even let a few Senators vote on whether to throw the filibuster out?

11:30 PM: We’re in the home stretch. 30 more minutes. I think Senator Watson can stretch this out – but I’m still nervous.

11:33 PM: I know it seems like Texas politics are dominated by assholes like Louie Gohmert and Rick Perry. But the fact that a topic like this is such a close call in our state should speak to our potential! 10 years ago, would it have seemed likely that such a showdown would have been happening in Texas of all states?

11:40 PM: Chair tells Senator she was not clearly recognized, and the crowd erupts.

11:40 PM: Senator (can’t remember name) accuses Chair of intentionally ignoring her instead of recognizing her.

11:45 PM: HOLY SHIT. VAN DE PUTTE. She just dropped the big one. “At what point must a female colleague raise her hand to be heard over her male colleagues.”

11:49 PM: The chair says he’ll suspend the vote if he can get order. I’d totally trust him right?

11:52 PM: I have no doubt that this amazing group of protesters can keep yelling for another 8 minutes. If Wendy Davis can stand for 13 hours, you can yell for 10 minutes!

11:56 PM: My cousin is at the Capitol and says it is complete and utter pandemonium.

11:58 PM: This is the part where every woman in Texas breathes a huge sigh of relief and bursts into tears. Because we fucking did it.

11:58 PM: Chair: “If I can have some order.” No. No you fucking can’t. This is our time.

12:00 AM: This is it. We did it. Wendy Davis did it. The other Senators who helped her along did it. And the women of Texas, who refused to let outdated religious ideals dictate what they could do with their bodies – they did it. I’m not always proud of this state. But right now, I am.

12:04 AM:

12:06 AM: I’m reading online that Rick Perry can call another special session if he so pleases. Somebody link me deets if you can.

12:11 AM: Does anybody know whether the special session would begin immediately following this session? Or would it take place at a later date?

12:15 AM: There’s a lot of confusion around what’s happening right now. The consensus seems to be that they passed a vote after midnight, and there are reports of protesters being arrested.

12:20 AM: Reports of arrests in the gallery, still no word on what the actual fuck happened with the vote.

12:23 AM: There are far too many conflicting theories. Until I receive official word, I don’t feel comfortable posting about or confirming any. Do not take my previous posts as confirmation – it doesn’t seem like there’s any official word yet.

12:29 AM: Most seem to be conceding that SB5 passed, though the legality is in question. I don’t think this will be determined tonight – though I’d be happy to wake up tomorrow morning and be proven wrong.

12:32 AM: Thank you to all of you for staying up with me through this. Though most importantly, thank you to Senators Davis, Ellis, Zaffirini, West, and Watson. And thank you to all the amazing activists, the feminist army who stayed in the Capitol through all 13 hours of this. If you’ve been arrested & need a defense attorney, I hope you wrote an attorney’s number on your arm before you left – but in case it’s not too late, the one I’m seeing the most is 512-381-9955.

With that, I have to head to bed. I hope to have more information in the morning. In the meantime, stay strong everyone.

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